MASS Visual Arts

Out of the “American Dream” show came MASS Visual Arts in an effort to produce and present creative, theme-based exhibitions to provoke, inspire and challenge the thoughts, conversations and dreams of the Gainesville community.

“What we are striving to create is an alternative opportunity for contemporary artists in North Florida to present their ideas and efforts in a contemporary gallery type setting,” said Dale Gunnoe, board member of MASS Visual Arts. “What an exhibition does for an artist is what publishing work does for a writer, or releasing a CD does for a musician. It offers the artist the opportunity to share and express themselves to a community of peers, elders and to those who may otherwise never experience art outside of the Internet or television.”

MASS Visual Arts is currently seeking artists to exhibit work across all media in the Below the Belt exhibition, which will open the first weekend of March 2012 and run all month.

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