Peace Paper Project Comes to Gainesville

contribution from amy richard

From Oct. 29 through Nov. 2, Peace Paper is coming to Gainesville. Peace Paper works to empower veterans and art therapy practitioners by introducing collaborative art processes that foster positive forward thinking, enhanced communication, wellness and resilience. Through hand papermaking, writing, book and printmaking activities, Peace Paper works together with veterans to transform significant articles of clothing into works of art that broadcast personal stories, mutual understanding and healing.

Utilizing an age-old technique of making paper by hand (from old garments and/or cloth), participants utilize both traditional and contemporary applications of the paper arts. Once their paper is made, it becomes the foundation for expressive content in the form of hand drawn images, text, photographs and/or prints – as a means of telling their individual stories. Participants do not need any prior experience with these processes.

The activities will culminate in a public exhibition of the art created by participating veterans at the Civic Media Center on Nov. 2. For more information, visit

The Peace Paper project in Gainesville is a collaborative effort between Peace Paper facilitators, Artists in Residence and Arts Therapists from the Shands Arts in Medicine program, veterans and others from the community who are in need of training and healing arts therapy or would like to be introduced to a new art form for personal expression.

For more information on the Peace Paper project, visit

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