Radical Press Coffee Collective


We here at Radical Press Coffee Collective have finally launched our Indiegogo online fundraiser! We worked really hard on it before going live because it’s going to be our main way of raising all the money we need to open shop. We need all the support we can get, so spread the word far and wide!
I guess we could have taken out a loan. But instead of Wells Fargo or some other bank collecting interest on our endeavors, we think it makes more sense for the community to have an invested interest in the project, even if that means donating a dollar. We’re interested in building community, providing a space for people to meet each other, connect, and organize in a cozy environment where folks know that the coffee is GREAT, the workers are treated fairly, and all the ingredients are sourced ethically.

We are asking for $15,000 but… I know, that’s more money than any of us in the collective have ever seen. But we did the math, freaked out a little, and then realized that $15,000 is the minimum amount we need to get ourselves off to a good start. Thanks to generous and skilled friends of ours who have donated labor and materials, we won’t have to spend a ton on start-up costs. But we need to pay rent and utilities, buy equipment and initial inventory, and construct a nice little coffee hub in the CMC, as well as hopefully be able to pay ourselves minimum wage once the shop opens in mid March, just two months from now.
Be sure to check out our upcoming fundraisers, too. Our first one is Music Under Grounds: A Benefit for Radical Press Coffee Collective, on Jan. 26 at 9 p.m. at @ the Civic Media Center, featuring Hear Hums, God Boat, Lindsey Mills, Wetlands and more to be announced!
Find out more at: indiegogo.com/radical press OR facebook.com/RadicalPressCoffeeCollective OR radicalpresscoffeecollective.tumblr.com.

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