Support Local Radio: A note from WGOT

By Adam Reinhard, WGOT Volunteer

I am writing this to first thank you, the community, for your support of Gainesville’s community radio station, WGOT 94.7FM. We recently just celebrated our fifth anniversary of broadcasting over the local airwaves. Although we share our frequency with other stations, WGLJ & WVFP, we are now streaming WGOT content over the Internet 24 hours a day. Run completely by volunteers and with little media support, we have created a vibrant, diverse community radio station for Gainesville, and all of this with no studio space.

Due to consistent support from various local venues and bars, a plethora of awesome local musicians, and various businesses and individuals, we have been able to support our DIY enterprise, even without major media attention. It has not been an easy task.

I have been the acting station manager for the last several years, but am unable to continue in that capacity. My passion for the station has not wavered, there are some new positive developments in my life, but I am still committed to WGOT community radio.

Although we are a grassroots project, we do require some centralization. We are declaring an all-call to the Gainesville community to get involved in any capacity you can. Visit our website at, connect with us at, and follow us on Facebook or Twitter @wgotlp.  Please consider becoming a member, underwriter, or volunteer for the station.  We are always searching for new local programming to add to our schedule.

Most importantly, however, is that we are in search of new board members and a station manager. No previous radio experience is required, and it is understood that these are volunteer positions. We have public board meetings every two weeks. We believe we have something else to offer besides traditional radio, media and culture. Check us out.

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