Moral Mondays coming to Gainesville

The Moral Monday movement that started in North Carolina last year is spreading across the country. Millions of people are deciding it’s time to restore democracy to the United States.

On September 8 from 6-7:30 pm, citizens of Gainesville will gather at the Alachua County Courthouse on South Main Street to add our voices to the growing chorus of those who believe that it’s time to make corruption illegal and restore the rights of personhood to flesh and blood human rather than nameless, faceless corporations who are amoral and profit-driven by definition.

The event will feature speakers and musicians highlighting examples of how “rule by the few” has resulted in a declining standard of living for Americans. Whether one’s focus is on social/economic justice, environmental sustainability, labor fairness, civil rights, or a myriad of other important issues, the bottom line is that we all need a voice in the process to keep our democracy vital. Money is NOT speech and it’s time we used real human speech to reclaim our rights.

Planning is underway. For more information check out our Facebook page, e-mail us at or call Nancy Jones at 716-208-9070.

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