Feed Your Mind, Support Alternative Radio

by Joe Courter

One information source not to miss is David Barsamian’s weekly Alternative Radio — www.alternativeradio.org.

Please listen and support this great grassroots enterprise. It is not only cutting edge, fresh and topical, it has unfortunately been cut by many NPR affiliates as that network lurches mainstream.

WGOT 94.7 FM carries it locally at 4pm Saturdays and 1pm Sundays, but it is a weak signal best picked up by vehicle radios. Go take a drive, clean your car or garage, or do yard work near your vehicle during that hour.

You cannot directly stream it online for free (it is how David make his living), but you can find an Internet carried station and see when THEY play it and listen then and there. That station schedule is on AR’s site.

Or if you can actually PAY FOR IT, order an MP3 ($5) or a transcript ($5 mailed, $3 to download). I am sure David would like that.

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