Citizens Co-Op updates hours of operation

We’re trying something new for Summer, and we are excited to give our worker-owners a weekend by closing two days in a row. With this change in our hours, we will move into a weekly cycle, offering incoming fresh produce at regular price on Wednesdays and at a discount by Sundays. In addition to the new price-points available in our produce department, we will expand our bulk department by adding more natural products to our mainly organic foods. Our initial forays into this area have been very successful; for example, although organic almonds now cost nearly $20/lb, our natural almonds are selling very well at half that price. We will still carry the organic options, and with the inclusion of natural products, we will be able to appeal to households with differing budgets. By expanding our bulk department and regularly offering discounted produce, we hope to serve more members of the community.

Wednesday – Sunday 10am-8pm
435 S. Main Street, Gainesville

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