Editors’ picks: News that didn’t fit

Bernie Sanders, the Foreign-Policy Realist of 2016 by Robert English – Of all the presidential candidates of either party, Bernie is actually the most sober and clear-eyed.

Chomsky, Snowden, Greenwald on Privacy in the Age of Surveillance by Lauren McCauley – Panel discussion challenges the rhetoric that national security requires that governments can access individual communications.

Slain Activist Berta Cáceres’ Daughter: US Military Aid Has Fueled Repression & Violence in Honduras by Democracy Now! – This is a stunning and powerful segment of Democracy Now devoted to Honduras, and the political assassinations which have followed the coup that Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State allowed to stand.

What’s the Matter with Liberalism? by Mike O’Connor Historian’s review of Listen, Liberal–or–What Ever Happened to the Party of the People?, Thomas Frank’s new book on how the Democrats came to represent yuppies rather than workers.

Why is Honduras the world’s deadliest country for environmentalists? by Autumn Spanne
http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2016/apr/07/honduras-environment-killing-human-rights-berta-caceres-flores-murder D

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