GCOR: Gainesville City of Resistance

by Joe Courter

Here in Gainesville the reality of Donald Trump as President Elect has brought out an amazing response. In a follow up meeting to the speakout held Thurs 11/10,  on Sunday afternoon 11/13 over 200 people overflowed the now vacant Citizens Co-op space for a very productive planning session. Surprisingly less than a fourth of them had been at the speakout three days earlier.  Social media is a very powerful tool in particular Facebook and the Gainesville City of Resistance site.

City of Resistance means we will not go backwards on social gains made by or LGBTQ friends.  We will not go backwards on the right to abortion and the funding of Planned Parenthood.  We will resist the threats to immigrants of deportations.  We will resist the racist, sexist and xenophobic attacks and harassment of our brothers and sisters. We want a pledge from our elected officials, community leaders, businesses, artists.  We want Gainesville, already a Welcoming City, to be a Sanctuary City. We intend to be visible, with street corner protests starting Thurs 11/17 at 4 different street crossings. (Univ and Main, Univ and 13th, 34th and Archer and NW 43rd and 23rd Ave) from 4-6pm.  Saturday 11/19 will be the Freedom From Fear rally and march from Bo Diddley Plaza to the O’Connell Center, gathering at BDP at 4pm.

Having 200+ people, virtual strangers, get together on a Sunday afternoon, break out into 3 groups, come up with organizational plans, and come back together with strong solidarity and positive spirit, was a real balm to the many hearts and minds stunned by Tuesdays results.

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