Letter to the City of Gainesville: Vote Lauren Poe

Hello everyone,

I am writing to ask you to vote for Democratic challenger Lauren Poe for Mayor of Gainesville.  Even if you are not a Gainesville resident, you are likely affected by the decisions made by the Gainesville City Commission.

Lauren is a man of integrity whose character we can trust. His vision for our city is one of inclusion and smart growth. His previous tenure on the City Commission was conspicuous for its fairness, its embrace of the innovation economy, and its progressive agenda.

On the other hand, his opponent, Tea Party-backed Republican Ed Braddy, likes to pretend that he invented all the above since he was elected three years ago.  It all started much earlier.

Braddy’s scandal-ridden term as mayor has been an embarrassment to all decent citizens.

Does anyone believe it is ethical to accept money for restaurants, strip clubs, and hotel bills? All public officials are bound by law to undergo annual ethics training.  Where was Ed Braddy?  Perhaps he thinks ethical standards don’t apply to him.

In a recent forum, Mayor Braddy boasted that he has restored civility to the City Commission. Not true in my case.

When I appeared as a citizen before the commission in December, I was attacked by two commissioners whose vitriol and sarcasm was allowed by the Mayor to continue unabated until I walked out. You see, they did not like hearing the truth about an injustice the Mayor allowed to take place. The Mayor is a bully and tolerates bullies.

Please vote! When good people don’t show up at the polls, bad things happen. Bad things are happening in Tallahassee due to voter apathy. Clean water, health care, and public schools are all  in jeopardy.

Gainesville is a beautiful and precious place. Don’t let bad things happen here. Vote Lauren Poe for Mayor! Pass it on!


Eileen Roy,

Gainesville resident and Alachua County School Board Member D

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