Plum Creek vs. Alachua County final public meetings – please attend

Stand By Our Plan has worked tirelessly to raise awareness about the Alachua County Comprehensive Plan, and its importance for our wetlands, strategic ecosystems, regional wildlife corridor, and the rural way of life that many of our citizens have chosen.

All of this is now threatened because a corporation from the west coast wants to turn the Comprehensive Plan on its head, in the interest only of its shareholders.

County staff have strongly recommended denial of Plum Creek’s proposal, and we’re now down to the wire: time for the County Commission to decide.

Two public hearings have been scheduled, both in the Eastside High School auditorium, in anticipation of larger audiences than the county administration building can hold.

On February 16, county staff will present their report, followed by Plum Creek’s presentation, and then public comment will be taken. On Feb. 18, the County Commission will begin their deliberations and decide what action to take.

This could be your last chance to be heard, so save the dates and be there!

Tuesday, February 16, 5 p.m.

Thursday, February 18, 5 p.m.

Eastside High School Auditorium

1201 SE 43rd St., Gainesville

Plum Creek has cynically used East Gainesville to further their own plans, offering false hope and promising jobs and growth to residents that they can’t deliver. Their speculative real estate plans are further from East Gainesville than I-75.

In truth, Plum Creek offers only:

• Higher taxes to pay for the new infrastructure and services needed to support sprawling growth far from existing resources

• Massive wetland destruction, critical wildlife habitat loss, and depleted water tables

• Sprawl that drains investment and growth from downtown Gainesville

Our “Comp Plan” is a community compromise that balances environmental protection with with the need for growth and economic development. Plum Creek threatens that balance.


The County Commission will decide, but your opinion can influence their decision. Speak up, or just fly our colors in support.

Speak to or visit with County Commissioners, some of whom are still unsure how to vote on this issue. Your input matters. Phone them at (352) 264-6900. Write letters to the editor to area newspapers. Contact us at:   or go to: to learn more about the issue, and for more ways to help!

Above all, come to the February meetings! D

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