Film screening: ‘Almost Sunrise’ features veterans against war

“Almost Sunrise” – a film about the remarkable journey of two Iraq War veterans – will be shown at the Hippodrome Theatre  in downtown Gainesville on Monday, May 1, at 6:30pm.

The film follows two Iraq War veterans, Tom Voss and Anthony Anderson, both tormented by depression after they returned home from the military and pushed to the edge of suicide. The two embark on an extraordinary journey – a 2,700 mile walk across the country from Wisconsin to California, in order to reflect on their haunting experiences of war and to ultimately, save themselves.

While the film exposes the brutality of war, it is ultimately a story of hope and potential solutions. Most importantly, the film reveals the promise of holistic practices for healing from the traumas of war.

The film also acts as an urgent call for communities to better understand these deep-seated psychic wounds from war, and for the government to acknowledge and finally treat moral pain by using methods other than pills. “Almost Sunrise” deftly and movingly demonstrates the promise of holistic healing practices is on the horizon in a way that we cannot afford to ignore.

This special screening of “Almost Sunrise” is free to the public and is co-sponsored by Gainesville Veterans for Peace Chapter 14 and the Samuel Proctor Oral History Program.

The Hippodrome Theatre  is located at 25 SE 2nd Place. For more information on the screening, contact Veterans for Peace at:

For additional information about “Almost Sunrise,” see:

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