Sara Amatniek at CMC’s ArtWalk

The Civic Media Center’s ArtWalk for Friday, April 27 will feature an opportunity to purchase low-cost prints by New York–based artist Sara Amatniek. Ms. Amatniek, the mother of Gainesville resident Kathy Sarachild, died in 1996, and this is a sale of her unframed printworks at a discounted price. Amatniek’s works were displayed around the NYC area, as well as in Egypt, Israel and India. They are colorful, textured prints of great detail, and their production incorporates contemporary techniques and ancient forms of printmaking.

Sara Amatniek was a feminist who strongly supported the work of her daughter Kathy, a founding member of Redstockings of the Women’s Liberation Movement (founded in the late 1960s). The proceeds of the sale will benefit the continued work of Redstockings, now an activist think tank and archive project working to advance the Women’s Liberation agenda, and the Civic Media Center and Stetson Kennedy Library, a progressive community resource center marking its 25th year in 2018.

The CMC is at 433 S. Main St., with parking on SE Fifth Ave. or on South Main Street. The sale will run from 7-10 pm. There will be live music starting shortly after 9pm.

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