How Florida can legalize cannabis in 2020

by Chris Kennard

Floridians For Freedom (FFF) is a statewide non-partisan volunteer group of committed citizens intent upon legalizing cannabis in Florida.

We can collect one million petitions we need by January of 2020, to turn in to the State of Florida to verify, and thereby create, approve and enact our own legal-cannabis law. 

Fully legalizing personal use cannabis and hemp crop cultivation and economic opportunities has broad support, here and around the country. This move helps to heal America by ending an open sore infecting our nation for over 100 years, beginning with racial and regional prejudices against Mexican-American and Black citizens.

Between 62 percent and 65 percent of all Florida voters (per a national Gallup poll from February of 2018) would vote to pass the right of adults to cannabis in the state and national election next year. We have just enough time and the easy means of Florida voters signing one petition, handing copies to two other voters to do the same … “sign one, pass two along” in a daisy chain of petitions from all 67 Florida counties.  

Enacting the right of adults over the age of twenty-one to possess, use and grow cannabis in Florida must become a Florida State constitutional amendment to protect citizens from our own politicians who continue to try to stop us. 

We learned our lesson with our 2016 Medical Marijuana Amendment. Over 71 percent of the voters approved it in 2016, but this did not stop then-Governor Rick Scott from trying to cut it into pieces and deny it.

There are three major steps to take:

Write a petition that meets applicable state standards and regulations

Activate a statewide volunteer campaign for the collection of state voter signed petitions as is necessary for “citizen’s initiative” during an election, by providing one million [766,200, with enough margin to cover for some getting rejected] signed petitions to the state no later than nine months prior to election day (Feb. 1, 2020)

Rally enough voters, at least 60 percent to prevail in November.

Petitions must be signed by 766,200 voters from at least 14 of Florida’s 27 congressional districts. See https://dos.elec (search for and click on “Right of adults to cannabis”) to check how many ballots have been signed in your county. Go to to print out a petition to read, and if you agree, to sign and pass two more along to two other registered Florida voters to sign as well. 

Ask them to do the same … We CAN legalize cannabis in Florida, next year!

FFF  North Central Florida

Chris Kennard 

4315 SE 10th  Place, Ocala, FL 34471   

(352) 375-0375

FFF  Southwest Florida    

Colby Wise

1214 26th St. West, Bradenton, FL 34205 

(941) 896-7465

FFF  South Florida    

Arnold Diehl & Carolyn Karpel 

1375 Cypress Ave., Melbourne, FL 32935 

See Alachua [or other Florida county] Floridians for Freedom on Facebook for more information. D

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