Rush to the Rad Scene

What: Radical Rush
When: March 12 & 13, 11am
Where: Plaza of the Americas

By Kaithleen Hernandez

Cities like Gainesville are able to keep moving forward in a progressive direction because of the organizations that mobilize and work to keep movements alive. 

This world teaches us that there is always work to be done, this is why Rad Rush has continued on since 1998 and will continue to bring a radical presence to campus to get the youth involved in local activism. 

Rad Rush happens every year, sometimes twice a year, during the beginning of the semester to present students with the option to volunteer and organize with local groups that are actually radical. 

Radical is defined as addressing issues at the root, and Rush is a play on Greek life. Come out and learn about all the ways you can get involved on March 12 and 13 at 11am at Plaza of the Americas.

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