Civic Media Center SpringBoard postponed

It had all come together so well, the date, the speaker, the place. We were in the midst of planning the food when the Coronavirus invaded like little alien ships attacking the humans of Earth. So we had to postpone SpringBoard. And, as well, the CMC has had to postpone all events except the Free Groceries on Tuesdays.

SpringBoard is an important fundraiser for the CMC. Postponing the event will not postpone our need for funds to keep the CMC going. This virus is a major disruption to the entire economy, as well as all our lives. Just as the disease itself has its worst impacts on weakened or compromised humans, so the small businesses and nonprofits that live close to the edge, economically speaking, are most seriously affected by the accompanying disruptions in their revenue streams.

So please, any donation large or small will help the 501(c)3 CMC keep itself going during this downtime while we wait for the virus to clear out. Rent is still there, utilities should be less, and we want to keep paying our coordinators who will concentrate on fundraising and future planning. 

Checks can be mailed to the CMC at 433 S. Main St. Gainesville, FL 32601, or a donation can be made thru the new and improved website’s PayPal. 

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