Join the Working Family Lobby Corps

by Jeremiah Tattersall

The 2020 Florida legislative session is underway and so is our push for a pro working families agenda. We’d love for you to join the Working Family Lobby Corps in lobbying our elected officials this session. Major issues this session will be:

Preemption and elimination of local pro-worker ordinances such as the Alachua County Wage Theft, non-discrimination human rights, and living wage ordinances.

Another roll-back of the Florida Retirement System (FRS), most likely an increase in an employee contribution for the pension plan or outright closure of the plan to new hires.

Forcing burdensome new paperwork and processes for union dues to hamstring pro-worker organizations.

Funding for teacher and school support staff salaries

Constitutional attacks on the integrity of local school boards

Attacks on certified apprenticeships.

Continued expansion of Florida’s aggressive school privatization programs.

Anti-choice legislation.

Affordable and safe housing.

The session ends on March 13 and we’ll have people in Tallahassee every day they’re meeting. It’s imperative that legislatures hear from working folks in their communities about how their decisions will affect us. Please consider signing up at

A list of hotels in the area can be found at We ask that you report on Mondays at 12pm for a review of the week and take a tour of the Capitol for new member lobbyists. From Tuesday through Thursday you’ll report at 7am with breakfast served at 7:30am, where we’ll begin the morning briefing, review legislative issues, and plan special assignments. 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Jeremiah Tattersall at or call the North Central Florida Central Labor Council at 352-222-1991.

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