Trials of the Century at Santa Fe College

What: “Trials of the Century” 
Where: Santa Fe College NW
When: Jan. 28 and Feb. 4
Time: 6:45-9:15pm

Former Mayor and current musician Gary Gordon will be teaching a Community Education class on Trials of the Century at SFCC on the Tuesday evenings of Jan. 28 and Feb. 4.

The first evening covers the trial of Big Bill Haywood for the murder of the former Governor of Idaho, in 1907. Defended by the “best defense attorney in the country,” Clarence Darrow, this trial attracted national attention as it focused not only on the murder, but on the clash between Miners and Mine Owners, organized labor, management (banks, corporations), and the Pinkertons. Even President Teddy Roosevelt got involved. 

The other trial the first evening is the Scopes Trial, aka “The Monkey Trial.” Believe me, if you think you know about this one because you’ve seen the excellent drama “Inherit the Wind,” then you will learn a lot more about what actually occurred — and the ramifications reverberate today. 

The second night will include the trials of Sacco and Vanzetti, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg (“the Atomic Spies”), and Caryl Chessman. 

You can sign up for a single class or both. If enough people sign up for these classes there will be additional classes/trials in the Spring session. You can register by calling 352-395-5193. 

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