Introduction to screenwriting

WHEN: 5 Monday classes from 7-9:15pm
WHERE: SF NW Campus, C-122 INSTRUCTOR: Gary Gordon
FEE: $69

Learn about screenplay structure, to think about your protagonist and antagonist, to plot your story in a screenplay format, and to avoid some classic mistakes made by beginning screenplay writers. You may even achieve writing the first ten pages (or the first act).

Bring a laptop/notebook. It’s helpful to already have an idea of the story you wish to write. 

Write a paragraph or a page about your favorite movie – what it is and why, and bring any writing you’ve done or started if you have previously taken the class; we’ll work on continuing to develop your script.

The first class is 10/31, no class 11/28, last class on 12/5. Register online starting Oct. 5 at SF Community Ed under Arts-Writing or call 352-395-5193.


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