Re-energize with FCPJ on May Day

The Florida Coalition for Peace and Justice celebrates 40 years of activism 

When: Sat-Sun, April 30-May 1
Where: 10665 SW 89th Ave, Hampton

You are invited to a gathering with the Florida Coalition for Peace and Justice on May Day weekend (April 30-May 1). Camp out on Saturday night to share food and fellowship. Enjoy a full day on Sunday of nature walks, peace talks, and ancient wisdom. 

We will walk through our beautiful natural space with the help of group leaders who can narrate the plants among us. 

We will gather in the Peace Education Center for a (socially distanced) discussion around the importance of peace in our world and daily lives. 

Join us as we find hope in ancient practices and the wisdom of elders. Food (Wild Man Foods and Radha’s Kitchen) and other vendors will participate, with engaging activities at the Kids Zone.

FCPJ was founded in 1982 and has been based in Hampton, Florida since 1990. This non-profit organization has a long and rich history serving Florida with multi-generational education relating to peace, self-empowerment, regener-​ative ecological practices, social justice reform, innovative projects, and peaceful conflict resolution. 

We are located at 10665 SW 89th Ave, Hampton, FL 32044, 22 miles northeast of downtown Gainesville, in undeveloped Old Florida. We welcome you to find solace and explore ways forward together.

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