The Ten Commitments promoting a democratic world

by Joe Courter

A few weeks ago I was at First Magnitude enjoying a music show by Sooza, and at break I had a conversation with a college-age Iguana reader and supporter who raised an interesting point. He said that in some of the articles there is not a positive side, an alternative vision of how things could be made better instead of just pointing out what was wrong. I hoped to but did not hear back from them … I expect finals got in the way … but my quick response at the time was that it was up to each of us to see a positive angle or interpretation in how to deal with information and the world. 

Shortly after, I saw this poster in the Spring 2022 New Humanist magazine and thought it was relevant to what I was trying to say. 

From the poster’s website: “The Ten Commitments represents our shared humanistic values and principles that promote a democratic world in which every individual’s worth and dignity is respected, nurtured, and supported, and where human freedom and ethical responsibility are natural aspirations for everyone.” 

The poster’s website goes into each of the ten points and is worth pondering. See more at:

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