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Kofi Adu Brempong shooting documentary, “In His Own Home,” raising funds for licensing fees

In His Own Home is a documentary about the March 2010 shooting of an unarmed disabled black graduate student by campus police at the University of Florida and the failure of the administration to address the racism and overmilitarization of its police force. It tells the story of Kofi Adu Brempong, a Ghanaian graduate student, disabled by childhood polio, attacked by a campus SWAT team’s bungled response to a 911 call from a neighbor. It is the story of campus police who continued to employ the officer who had cruised through town, throwing eggs at black neighborhoods in Gainesville, and who shot Kofi point blank, but was fired only recently after he roughed up a white student driving a Mercedez. It is about students whose protests led the administration to drop fake charges against Kofi and whose continued activism challenges police brutality. Continue reading