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Farm to Family Needs Your Help

by don appelbaum

Farm to Family is being transplanted again. From April 2005 to June 2009, the shows were held in Alachua County off of County Road 236. Then there was a long search for a new location that resulted in the Gilchrist County venue on 120 beautiful acres. It was here that we had a show in November 2010, four shows in 2011 and two Farm to Family shows in 2012.

Even though the acreage was large in Gilchrist County, there were a lot of neighbors surrounding the location – 38 within a half-mile and 65 within a mile. That is a lot of people.

We kept the sound levels from the PA contained using surround sound in the stage viewing area, but still the sound traveled into the surrounding area and the neighbors did not want us to continue. They banded together and presented a well-organized presentation at the County Commission meeting on Aug. 20. In the end, the County Commission denied our application for a special use permit for the location.

So there will be no more shows at the Gilchrist County location. Farm to Family is now looking at other land to find a location that will not impact neighbors. Two 400-acre properties are being looked at presently.

In order to make this move, Farm to Family must find funding as well as a location. There is a lot of enthusiasm, and we are all hoping for a positive outcome.

If you feel that you can offer any help with finding a new location or funding, please contact Don Appelbaum at this don@farmtofamily.com.