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Citizens Co-op seeks board members, invites public to potluck, speak-out

Citizens Co-op has still been struggling to recover from the needless firing of workers over a year ago and the negative publicity generated by that act. Currently the Board is well functioning, and includes one of the fired workers. What has been missing is customers and volunteers to get things back on track.

The annual general meeting of members of Citizens Co-op will be held on Thursday, Sept. 24, in Meeting Room A of the Downtown Public Library. The meeting will begin promptly at 7 p.m. and will need to end at 8:30 p.m. This year there will be five seats up for election; three of these are producer rep, member rep and worker rep, which are one-year terms, and two are at-large seats, which are two-year terms. This year we want to emphasize paper ballot voting with the hope that those members who cannot make the annual general meeting will stop by the store and vote. Since some members may not be able to get into the store, we will send an absentee ballot electronically upon request. The election begins at the meeting with a chance to meet and talk to candidates and will continue until 8 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 4.

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South Main Update

by Joe Courter

South Main Street’s got a lot of activity going on these days, and in the future it can be expected to be a hub of activity for all of Gainesville. The new traffic circle is open at Depot and South Main Street, and south of there will soon be a streetscape project in preparation for the construction and opening of the Cade Museum of Innovation. South of there, at the old Eddie C’s/Backstage Bar location, will be the new home of “The Doris,” an art space that was formerly up on North Main Street until landlord issues forced their temporary closing.

Just North of the new Doris and east a block on Veitch Street, First Magnitude Brewing Company is going great and has become a frequent host to benefit events for the community. Being one block from the Gainesville Hawthorne Bike trail, it is a super location.

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