Fight Back Florida: “Hands Off Our Post Office!”

by Jeremiah Tattersall, FBF Organizer

About 50 people attended the Fight Back Florida conference in Orlando in early November. The group organized marches and rallies over the last year following the election of Gov. Rick Scott. According to their website, “The message of Fight Back Florida is simple: We demand a Florida government that works for the people, not against them.”

Attendees discussed the attacks against working people and students we are expecting this next legislative session, what Fight Back Florida is, and how they are going to organize against it.

The most important thing discussed was the plan of action for this next legislative session, including a statewide coordinated day of action during the second week of the session (Jan. 21). Then they will mobilize to Tallahassee the following month (Feb. 25) for a Fight Back Florida rally on the Capitol. The next conference and state planning meeting will be in late May. They also plan to march on the Republican National Convention in August.

Locally, the Postal Service will be holding a public meeting, Thursday, Dec. 1, at 7pm to discuss the closure of the Gainesville postal facility and hear any opposition to the plan. The meeting will be held at Santa Fe College, Building WA, Room 104.

Fight Back Florida will be there to ensure that the people of Gainesville have their voices heard: “Hands Off Our Post Office!”

The closure of this facility could lead to a massive loss of jobs as well as reduced service for Gainesville and the surrounding areas. The Post Office makes more than enough money to keep it open, but is being arbitrarily forced to cut services.

Make sure to come out and tell the Postal Service why the last thing we need in this economy is more unemployment!

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