Introducing Mr. Econ

Are you confused about the economy and economics? Are you curious about the various economic proposals coming from presidential candidates or local politicians? Would you like to know what all the commotion about derivatives, credit default swaps, foreclosures and sub-prime mortgages is about and how it affects you?

Do you wonder how locally owned institutions like the Iguana, the local food co-op or credit unions help your community? Or how about demand side and supply side economics? Or wonder which side you’re on or should be on?

Help is on the way! Beginning in our March issue, Mr. Econ will answer our readers’ questions and answer them in plain English. Our goal is to give our readers a better understanding of the economy and how we might be able to change it in order to better serve our community.

So please send your questions to or comment on this post.

Who is Mr. Econ? Mr. Econ holds economics degrees from American University and the New School for Social Research, two of the premier centers for the study of alternative or what the profession calls “heterodox” economics. He is the author or editor of three books and numerous articles in scholarly and popular publications. He has taught on the university level, consulted to progressive policy makers around the U.S., and been invited to speak on economic and community development issues from Bath, Maine to Santa Cruz, Calif.

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