Editorial Board’s Picks – What We’re Reading Right Now

Below are some stories the Iguana’s editorial board wanted to include in this issue, but we didn’t have the space. Have an article you think our readers should be aware of? Email links to gainesvilleiguana@cox.net.

“The Last Letter: A Message to George W. Bush and Dick Cheney from a Dying Veteran”

This letter, penned by anti-war activist and paralyzed Iraq War veteran Tomas Young on the 10th anniversary of the Iraq War, is a scathing condemnation of the Bush Administration’s decision to invade Iraq. In February, Young—who has spoken out against the wars that ruined his and thousands of others’ lives—publicly stated the he had decided to end his own life some time in the next few months. See more at Truthdig here.

“The major sea change in media discussions of Obama and civil liberties”

The mainstream media is up in arms about the Justice Department’s secret, unjustified seizure of two months’ worth of telephone records from Associated Press reporters and editors (a New York Times editorial called the act an “assault on the press, and democracy, too”). Glenn Greenwald gives a good analysis of the situation: “It is remarkable how media reactions to civil liberties assaults are shaped almost entirely by who the victims are.” Read the full article here.

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