Introducing Daily Green

by Adam Reinhard

Overall our goal is to create a restaurant that we would like to patronize. We have always loved restaurants, and most definitely love Gainesville, its community vibe, its nature. Plans have been in the making for several years, and when Louis Lunch became available, it all came together. The three owners have been working for over two years to create our vision of Daily Green. John Arana and Adam Reinhard, general manager/owner and business manager/owner, respectively, are transplants from south Florida for over 20 years. Eddie Cromer, owner/executive chef is all local. Eddie has developed the entire menu and food creations. The idea, which the three of us definitely need due to our schedules, was a healthy quick place to eat lunch.

Daily Green is a counter service establishment. The kitchen is open to customers so they can see and smell the goodness of what we do. Daily Green offers a unique experience where everyone can find something to eat. We serve unique waffles, sandwiches (in both waffle cones and on various local breads), homemade soups, salads, and also have fresh vegetable juices and smoothies. Our menu has been developed to offer something for everyone. Regardless of what one’s eating regime is, they should be able to find something to their liking. Although, it is more labor intensive, all of our food is hand-cut and prepared fresh daily. We believe in the benefits of eating food that is prepared fresh from healthy ingredients.

Most of our items are made with organic ingredients. When cost or availability are prohibitive, we choose natural ingredients before anything else. We also use as many local individuals and businesses to help us achieve our goals as possible. From the development of our logo, website, and menu, to choosing our suppliers and selecting our building materials, we strive to be as local, regional, and natural as we possibly can.

Daily Green is a space that will further enrich Gainesville’s unique food scene and culture. Patrons will see local art work in the building and will eventually enjoy outside seating and local music. We love the idea of developing something for Gainesville as well as ourselves. We are so happy to be able to use this unique and historic building that previously held Gainesville’s oldest restaurant.

Please come by and visit. Take a seat in a rocking chair and enjoy some fresh food and pleasant atmosphere. Daily Green is located at 436 SE 2nd Street in downtown Gainesville. We’re open from 10a.m.–3p.m., Monday–Saturday. For more information, visit

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