Taking a Stand: Advocating for HIV-Positive Women

by Rural Women’s Health Project

In 2013, with so much information readily available about HIV, the stigma felt by people living with HIV is still widespread. Further compounding this stigma is the isolation experienced by many, as a result of distance and lack of transportation to support services for those in rural areas. This is the reality faced by many women living with HIV in North Florida — a reality that the Peer Advocacy Program, Let’s Talk About It (LTAI), is working to overcome by diversifying opportunities for women’s involvement, support and advocacy.

Since 2011, the LTAI program has reached out to HIV positive women and female caregivers in North Florida. The LTAI Peer Advocates develop testimonial media to challenge HIV stigma, improve health services for the community and to promote HIV prevention.

In 2014, the advocacy program will expand their women’s meetings into Marion and Putnam counties and develop the LTAI blog. These new activities are intended to assist in overcoming the challenges positive women face in regards to accessing support and information. Additionally, the activities offer women a platform to voice their concerns and to share what it means to be a woman living with HIV.

To learn about LTAI and view our materials, check out: www.rwhp.org/letstalk.html. Opportunities are available for community and individual support of LTAI programs. Call us at 352-372- 1095. LTAI is a program of the Rural Women’s Health Project, in collaboration with WellFlorida Council, with funding from ViiV Healthcare Positive Action Programme.

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