Daily Green: Providing Organic Fresh Fast Food

by Lynne Loewenthal

I first met them in 2009 when I was introduced to low power radio at a friend’s house.

A year prior, a group of enthusiasts successfully obtained a license to create a locally programmed radio station, WGOT LP 94.7 FM, under the umbrella of the Civic Media Center. A year later, Adam Reinhard became the station manager and John Arana, Eddie Cromer and Adam had music radio shows: In Your Ear, Back of the Bus, and Black Kill Death, respectively. For five years, their volunteer efforts with the station continued until DJ Amy Teague of Front Porch fame put a bug in their ears about joining efforts to create a new eatery at the old Louis Lunch.

John was thrilled when they got the opportunity to purchase the old diner. He’d been waiting for the Louis Lunch family to decide they were finished with it and he gladly stepped in to renovate with the help of Adam, Eddie, and a slew of local and family support.

John came from South Florida beginning his Gainesville years as a UF student, where he earned a Masters in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation and a minor in Wildlife Education. After graduation, he created his own construction company specializing in renovating old buildings — including his early 1900s home around the corner from Louis Lunch.

His connection to and concern for nature is reflected in the mission of the revamped diner — now known as Daily Green — where they have a minimum 80 percent organic content in their products, support local farms and businesses that have sustainable agendas, and use sustainable building materials.

Years ago while interviewing Adam on WGOT’s Good Company, he said, as long time residents of Gainesville, they have always wanted to add something unique to our community.

A native of South Florida, Adam came here with a degree in hand aiming to get a teaching job. He has been teaching at Eastside High for close to 20 years. And, he’s become a legend: he can’t go anywhere in town without parents or students stopping to thank him for how he positively affected their lives. His dedication continues via Daily Green with his goal to provide a service not only to the population he serves at school, but to the larger community.

Eddie (aka Lil Quadee B), a health conscious gastronomer who hails from the Panhandle, won the hearts of John and Adam with his unique approach to life and cooking. If it’s a superfood, it’s in Eddie’s kitchen. If it’s mayonnaise, it ain’t.

Eddie brings a steady stream of followers collected during his years at the former local favorite, Ivey’s Restaurant, where he began to exercise his culinary skills. His creativity is reflected in his innovative signature dishes such as his savory waffle cones; his commitment to his own healthy eating translates in his recipes and kitchen protocol. He insists on organic content and pays attention to reducing the waste stream by using compostable and recyclable materials. Waste food recycling inevitably creates a space where community can come together and celebrate good health through healthy eating and a sustainable lifestyle.

Gainesvillians take their town into their own capable and intelligent hands and create the kind of place they want to live. John, Adam and Eddie are perfect examples. Together, they made the former burger shack that sported Little Debbie Snacks into healthy food on the go. If you’ve wondered what gives Gainesville the power to attract and retain residents from all over the globe, consider that Gainesville is a consciously and organically created community that produces establishments like Daily Green.

The Daily Green is located at 436 SE 2nd St. and is open Mondays through Saturdays from 11 am to 4 pm. For more information on Daily Green, visit their website at http://dailygreendowntown. org/.

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