Activist Dezeray Lyn speaks on justice for Palestine, June 3

On Wednesday, June 3, at 7pm, the Civic Media Center and Students for Justice in Palestine will welcome guest speaker Dezeray Lyn. She will give a report back from two months in the occupied Palestinian Territories.

Dezeray Lyn has been a long-time community organizer around issues of animal rights, houselessness, and economic injustice. After watching Israel’s brutal assault on Gaza during last year’s “Operation Protective Edge,” which left thousands of Palestinians dead, many of them children, Dezeray co-founded Block the Boat Tampa, to contribute to the ongoing Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement making Israel pay an economic cost for its human rights violations, atrocities, and occupation of Palestine.

More recently, Dezeray joined the International Women’s Peace Service and spent two months in the occupied West Bank providing international accompaniment to Palestinian civilians, resisting house demolitions, documenting and intervening in human right abuses, telling the forgotten stories of Palestinian mothers and political prisoners, and supporting acts of non-violent resistance to end the illegal Israeli occupation. Dezeray will share her experiences of the profound suffering of life under occupation but also the courageous strength, perseverance, and resilience of everyday Palestinian people who continue daily to resist oppression. Finally, Dezeray will speak on what we, as allies, can do to help end this occupation and support freedom for all Palestinians.

The event is at 7pm. The CMC is at 433 S. Main Street in Gainesville.

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