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History and the people who make it: Dezeray Lyn

Transcript edited by Pierce Butler.This is the 30th in a series of transcript excerpts from the Samuel Proctor Oral History Program collection at the University of Florida.

Dezeray Lyn was interviewed by Jessica Taylor [T] and Lara Alqasem [A] in 2009.

T: Where were you born?

L: In Hollywood, Florida [in 1978]. I had a lot of siblings and we had financial difficulties so we moved a lot and had a house foreclosed on. It was just difficult.

When I was in school and Desert Storm was going on was the first that I heard about war and conflict. But I wasn’t in the proper mental state to pursue any knowledge about the specifics. I felt very removed from what was happening.

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Activist Dezeray Lyn speaks on justice for Palestine, June 3

On Wednesday, June 3, at 7pm, the Civic Media Center and Students for Justice in Palestine will welcome guest speaker Dezeray Lyn. She will give a report back from two months in the occupied Palestinian Territories.

Dezeray Lyn has been a long-time community organizer around issues of animal rights, houselessness, and economic injustice. After watching Israel’s brutal assault on Gaza during last year’s “Operation Protective Edge,” which left thousands of Palestinians dead, many of them children, Dezeray co-founded Block the Boat Tampa, to contribute to the ongoing Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement making Israel pay an economic cost for its human rights violations, atrocities, and occupation of Palestine.

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June 2015 Gainesville Iguana

june 15 iguana coverThe June 2015 issue of the Gainesville Iguana is now available online, and it’s got lots of good stuff (Bernie Sanders, an oral history interview with David Barsamian, a Florida Legislative update from FL NOW, a Sleep Creek Lands/Adena Springs report, and more!). You can also pick the issue up at any of our distribution spots, which you can find here.