Elections coming!

by Joe Courter

Creeping up on the horizon is another round of elections and campaigning.

Coming on March 15 will be City elections, which will include a Mayors race that should prove interesting to say the least. Current Mayor Ed Braddy will face a challenge from Lauren Poe, a solid moderately progressive Democrat. Lauren’s campaign is just kicking off as we got to press. Another race will be for the good guy but term-limited Randy Well’s District 4 seat. John Uman, who challenged Keith Perry last election cycle, is one announced candidate but more are expected to join. Oh and then there is the Presidential Primary, of which we have one word: BERNIE!

Further down the road, Ed Emery will be challenging Ted Yoho, the tea party wacko who is thanks to gerrymandering our US Congressman. Others might jump in here, too; it is way early to know but, while up hill, is definitely worth to fight to get him out if we can.

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