Support the Civic Media Center!

Your support of the CMC has multiple options. Membership of course is there, that annual donation in exchange for library check-out rights and the quarterly newsletter. Coming to events is a multiple winner; you get to see something cool, be around community people, and drop something in the donation box. Monthly direct deposit is really great and gives a sustaining income to the CMC. Volunteering to staff a shift gives you time to be in the space, peruse the collection, sit and read or help out with tasks. Inviting friends out to the CMC who have not been there is helpful toward creating new members and supporters. Even subscribing to the Iguana helps, because the Iguana gives a lot of free coverage to the CMC, and it needs to eat, too!

The point is, the CMC is a great resource for the community, but it needs community input to survive. Films in January include “Food Chains” (19th), “Brother Outsider” (22nd), and “In His Own Home” (26th). There is music from Harmonious Wails and Blackfire on the 30th, and the great songwriting and performing of Pierce Pettis on the 24th. Trust me, these are great films, great performers. More is in the works for February. Keep up with the weekly email announcements; contact to get on that list.

Yes, the Iguana toots the horn for the CMC a lot. It is because the Iguana roots for the underdog, and trying to get coverage in the Sun, the Alligator, or on TV and radio is hard, partly because this great little town has so darn much other stuff going on. Do what you can as you can to help the CMC survive; there are no grants, no foundational support, just you.

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