Two craft fairs Dec. 6 — Power District Flea and Craft Market, GLAM Craft Show

Power District Flea & Craft Market

by Michelle Koehlmoos

The P. Arts building (Power District Arts) houses various people and projects, including Sequential Artists Workshop, Green Building Cooperative (GBC), artist studios and a formative artist collective, performance space and a recording studio as well as other independent and D.I.Y. projects.

It is in the former Poole Roofing building at Depot Avenue and SE 2nd St., across from the Rosa Parks Bus station.

After a hiatus from public gatherings at the building, we re-invite the community to join us at our very first Power District Flea and Craft Market on Sunday, Dec. 6.

We will open our gates from 9am to 4pm. for the first of many monthly markets. Tables are $10 each to set up (sliding scale donations are accepted, however). Proceeds go right back into the building so that we can work to provide an accessible creative space for our community.

All are invited to sell anything from handmade crafts to junk that you need to purge; food trucks are also welcome to join. This is sort of free form, and vendors may show up the day of to set up a booth.

Art installations are welcome in the gallery space — if you’re interested, contact Michelle Koehlmoos to organize this in a separate meeting if needed. Though we have plenty of space, it is limited, so first-come first-serve is the method in which we accept participants, unless previously discussed.

Contact Michelle Koehlmoos at or 925-222-1671 with inquiries regarding this event.

GLAM Craft Show

The GLAM craft show will also be held Sunday, Dec. 6 in the old GRU warehouse, 625 SE 5th Ave., a few block from P.Arts, on the same day as the Power District Flea and Craft Market.

The GLAM Craft Show offers a fresh holiday shopping experience in Gainesville on the first Sunday in December every year. With the growing interest in buying local, GLAM provides a way for socially minded shoppers to purchase unique gifts that were handcrafted within their community and to connect with the people who made them. Hours are from 10am to 4pm.

Previous events featured up to 70 local vendors selling handmade jewelry and accessories, men’s and women’s silk-screened T-shirts, funky home decor, hand-spun yarns, baby bibs, fitness hoops and amigurumi.

For more information or to join the mailing list, email or sign up on the GLAM Facebook page.

GLAM is a production of Sew Make Do LLC, a Gainesville-based small business that strives to bring creative opportunities to our local community.

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