WGOT seeks volunteers after 7 years on air

by Fred Sowder

It’s now been 7 years since WGOT-LP first signed on the air on 94.7FM, providing a grassroots broadcasting voice for the Civic Media Center and the entire Gainesville community. We recently celebrated this milestone with a fundraiser and celebration at The Atlantic thanks to the help of fine local musical acts D.P., The Bill Perry Orchestra, Letters, and Ceramicats.

2015 promises to be a busy and exciting year for WGOT, with immediate goals of getting a permanent studio location and equipment to enable broadcasting 24/7 on 100.1FM, a change the FCC has already granted.

This is where YOU come in. WGOT cannot make these huge milestones happen without your help. Please consider donating time or funds to help WGOT become an even bigger progressive voice in our community.

You can visit our website (www.wgot.org) or our page on Facebook to find out when and where our next staff meetings will take place. We’re in the process of welcoming many of the music programs previously found on GROW Radio to our airwaves and you’ll be able to hear many of these programs in the weeks to come.

Also on the website, you can fill out a program proposal form for us to consider. If being in front of a hot microphone isn’t your thing, you can still be a huge asset to the CMC’s broadcast service by volunteering in other ways such as organizing fundraisers, establishing sponsorships, or overseeing our scheduling procedure or our website.

Feel free to email (info@wgot.org) or call (352-519-4680) us any time for more information. Go low! D

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