Chloe Goldbach, write-in candidate for County Commission District 5

by Chloe Goldbach

Awareness needs to spread regarding issues affecting the LGBT community, especially issues facing the transgender community. Because of this, I am running as a write-in candidate for Alachua County Commission in District 5 in the hopes of enacting lasting, positive change.

Eight years ago, I moved to Alachua County to attend the University of Florida. It is now my home where I work as a biomedical engineer, while studying to pursue a career in social work to provide support for LBGT youth and adults.

LGBT equality is the priority of my campaign. Educational programs on transgender sensitivity need to be implemented for the workplace, school system, and overall community to reduce discrimination experienced by the transgender community. “Bathroom bills” are still a hot topic of discussion so educating our community is essential to preventing essential rights, like equal bathroom access, from being stripped from the transgender community. Homelessness disproportionately affects members of the LGBT community. This problem must be addressed through active outreach to these individuals and by ensuring that organizations that serve homeless individuals offer specialized training and have anti-discrimination policies in place that are being upheld.

While the county has adopted an anti-discrimination ordinance, I want to insure that the protections are being observed and to find ways to expand these protections statewide. Lastly, in light of the Pulse shooting in Orlando and the disproportionate violence experienced by LGBT individuals, I call for stricter ordinance regarding purchase of long guns and implementation of universal background checks.

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