Civic Media Center needs your help

by Joe Courter, CMC co-founder

The CMC has been providing Gainesville and Alachua County with a resource of information, a place to hold and attend events, and a place to meet and connect with other similar minded people who want to learn more and do more to make a better world. 

It has been a hard year, and it needs your help, especially those of you who know what a positive asset it is.

Regaining our 501(c)3 has proven hard. Community Service people had been a backbone of staffing day to day.  We don’t have them now.   Please if you have time, come and be a volunteer.

Our notifying people to renew memberships has slipped badly.  This would be a great time to renew your membership or make a donation.

We have the infrastructure for a coffeehouse, or cafe start-up for an independent enterprise within our space. Know someone interested?

We need web help and tech support if you have time and talents.

Let’s revitalize the CMC as we move into our 24th year!  D           

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