What’s on the ballot on November 8

by Joe Courter

Here’s what’s up, in order of appearance:

President: Yes, we are living in a plutocracy; rule by the rich. But the difference between Clinton and Trump is vast.

While we disagree with her on issues of war, and the neoliberal agenda she follows, Trump is simply not qualified and dangerous, and his VP is a Christian Right loony. There are arguments that a Trump win would kill the Republican party, and open the door to a progressive swing, but the damage to the Supreme Court and whatever chaos Trump might bring seem too great a gamble.

Opposition to Clinton on war and Wall Street must follow her election. There are those on the left who can’t stomach Clinton for various reasons and want to vote for Stein. I hope they agree to work together with the Bernie Dems who vote Hillary. After the election, we need to build a movement to take the House and Senate and roll back gerrymandered districts in 2020.

Senator: Defeat Rubio; Murphy is the option to do so. Flawed, but he’s what we got.

Congress District 3: Knocking out Yoho is a very real opportunity with all of Alachua County now in the District.  Vote for and work for McGurn!

State Senator District 8: Ordinarily the Democrat would be the easy choice but Rod Smith has a legacy of some very bad votes, and as an attorney, bad decisions and policies. We hope he is getting better with age, and piss on Perry’s negative campaigning.”

State Rep District 21: This for Westside people. Marihelen Wheeler is terrific; please support her, help her, and, of course, vote for her.

Clerk of Court: Sam Collins is a write-in, done as a protest since current clerk Buddy Irby kinda did a fast one and retired a week before candidate closing and his son stepped in to the now vacant spot. No real complaints against the Irbys, but it was kinda skeezy.

Sheriff: Sigh. Not real happy with Darnell, much preferred Zac but that is done. Jacobs might bring change, but who knows, not enough info.

County Commission:  All three incumbent Dems have write in opponents; all three are deserving of re-election based on their record. A notable write in is in the Chuck Chestnut race.  Chloe Goldbach is a open transgender woman running an actual campaign and attending forums as a means of education and support of LGBT issues. It is a brave and bold effort; bring your pen along with you.

Judge approvals?: I have heard nothing against any of them, and Rick Scott would appoint successors. Nuf said.

Next is the amendments;  here’s the skinny:

No. 1: Solar Energy. Hell no: This is the bad amendment put forward by the utility industry and deserves a big fat no.

No. 2: Medical Marijuana. Hell Yes: This is a first step in lifting the ban on allowing marijuana to be used as symptom relief, long overdue and with broad support. A very big yes

No. 3: I guess it’d be nice: Property Tax exemption for disabled first responders  (police, fire fighters, corrections, EMTs and paramedics)  injured on the job. This would expand the tax relief that spouses of first responders who die already receive.

No. 4: (Not on the ballot) The good solar one we already passed in August.

No. 5: Yes: Homestead exemption protection for low income senior citizens. This protects folks whose property values might rise and dump them from the homestead exemption ceiling. A good idea.

Local Questions … don’t miss these!

Question 1: Yes! Continuance of one mill tax for schools which helps fund nurses, music and art programs, libraries and other non-academic but important  experiences.

Question 2: Yes!! Wild Spaces Public Places. A one-half percent sales tax which funds parks, recreational facilities, wildlife habitat retention and water quality. 

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