Voting 101

by Joe Courter

This is a vote for our future.

The presidential race has been an exposition of where this country currently is, with Bernie’s optimism for progressive change (Yay!), Trump’s fear-mongering and callousness (Yuck), and Clinton keeping on with the road Obama put us on (Hold your nose and then mobilize for the change we want). And yes, Stein is there, too, for those willing to gamble on that future we share.

But please vote, because down the ballot are important decisions. We can toss out a Tea Party numbskull and put in Ken McGurn. We can save more land for future generations in Wild Spaces, Public Places. We (if you are west of 13th Street or can help in her campaign) can send a kick-ass teacher to Tallahassee in Marihelen Wheeler.

You have until Tuesday, Oct. 11, to register or update your registration to participate. If you are a student, consider changing your registration to vote here… you are representing future students with your vote.

The full page ad on page 19 has details on registering, early voting and Nov. 8 voting. And know you can multiply your vote by working on campaigns and getting out the vote, and you’ll meet good people along the way.


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