Editors’ picks: news that didn’t fit

♦ The First 100 Days Resistance Agenda by Robert Reich, Common Dreams
We’re responding to Trump’s First 100 Day agenda with our own 100 days of resistance. Robert gives us 12 suggestions.

 “The Resistance Calendar” launched by Michael Moore
A calendar updated daily where folks can find out what anti-Trump actions are taking place where you live. Just type in your city or state in the search bar, or type in the date and see what actions are planned that day. Or add your own anti-Trump event.

“The Answer to Trump” by Tamim Ansary
A discussion about our need for a unifying vision to deal with our country currently sliding toward fascism. Includes a shoutout to an old “Twilight Zone” episode.

Listening to Trump by Christian Parenti
What did millions of voters see in Trump? His speeches hold the answer.

Tracking Congress in the Age of Trump by Aaron Bycoffe
How much do your senators and representatives vote with Trump? Find out here. This excellent work is useful for all the new, rightfully pissed off citizen activists.

No Time to Despair by Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor
To defeat Trump, we have to build democratic, multiracial, militant organizations with a foundation in solidarity.

Florida Supreme Court blocks abortion-wait law by Gray Rohrer
Politicians have no business interfering with a woman’s private helath care decisions, court rules, but the fight isn’t over.

Forget the sick, dying and disabled. Rule No. 1 for medical pot: Nobody has fun by Fred Grimm
Find out why the Office of Compassionate Use is misnamed.

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