Institute of Black Culture, Institute of Hispanic/ Latino Culture buildings torn down in August

The Institute of Black Culture and the Institute of Hispanic/Latino Culture were torn down on Aug. 19.

UF Multicultural & Diversity Affairs did not give students or the community warning or notice.

Officials alerted students and alumni that the buildings had been demolished only after an outrage on social media went around about the buildings being demolished.

The buildings were built in 1921. They have been standing for 96 years, and out of those 96 years, one of the buildings served as the Institute of Black Cultures for 46 years and the other served as the Institute of Hispanic/Latino Cultures for 23 years. They were safe spaces for students and have been for countless others in the past.

The image above is completely heartbreaking to see. The lack of transparency from MCDA is a continuing trend that students have been trying to curtail. Community members are working to ensure that MCDA is proactive and transparent in their dealings with students in the future, especially pertaining to the institutes.

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