Wild Iris Books to close Dec. 23

Wild Iris Books will be closing its doors Dec. 23. For 25 years, we have been your local feminist bookstore and we have loved being a part of your lives. Keeping the store going has taken love and sacrifice but it has also been a source of profound joy and goodness. Being a part of Wild Iris has been one of the most loving and sacred undertakings of our lives. The owners and volunteers have given their hearts and their labor to make sure feminist book-selling had a voice in Florida, but the time has come and we can no longer keep the store afloat.

We have some opportunities behind the scenes that may lead to a Wild Iris 2.0 and we hope to bring you good news in the next couple of months. If being part of the Wild Iris legacy is something you want to do, we’re open to having conversations with potential buyers as well – just reach out to us.

We are holding the image of the phoenix tightly in our hearts right now and while we cannot continue to exist as we are, with your support in these last months, we may yet rise from the fire.

Struggling to keep our doors open has left us with a considerable amount of debt and we will be selling all inventory and fixtures to close out these accounts. If what we have stood for over the last 25 years has served you, we ask that you come by – tell us your stories, give us your hugs, and help buy out the inventory on our shelves. Please think ahead about holiday shopping – we’ll still be available for special orders through December and our entire store will be deeply discounted to move out current inventory.

If you don’t need books or aren’t close by but would like to help us close the doors to this chapter in good financial health, we’d be honored to take your donation.

If our behind the scenes plans have any hope of re-inventing the Iris, we must first submit to the fire so that like the phoenix we can rise from the ashes stronger and more beautiful. Again, we have loved being a part of your lives and we thank you for trusting us to do this valuable work as long as we have been able to.

We’re still in this feminist fight and we’ll meet you on the front lines.

With deepest gratitude and solidarity,
Wild Iris Books

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