Women’s March Gainesville

Women’s March Gainesville is the official local chapter of Women’s March Florida, the originators of the Women’s March on Washington on Jan. 21.

We pride ourselves on being a non-violent organization with a pro-woman, pro-community, pro-sustainability, pro-love, and pro-diversity focus.

We believe in art as a means of revolutionary change. Our organization is a great place for first time activists as well as long-term activists interested in getting involved with the local government and our community.

We believe that the only true way to make change is locally, since it’s the government that affects us the most, and the one we can influence the most.

Our grass roots initiative allows us to be a people-powered organization. While we have structure, we also know that every person involved is a piece to making this movement historical.

Women’s March has several Action Groups centered around our policy areas, including healthcare and reproductive rights; environmental protection; racial justice; immigration reform; LGBTQIA+ justice; economic justice and labor; gun control and criminal justice; “boots on the ground” rallies and protests; education; elections – national, state, local; campus outreach; and more.

Women’s March meets on the second Monday of each month: for location and agenda information, please see:






and/or email 


Together we can do anything … Join Us! We Need You. Let’s build this peaceful movement together! D

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