Who is the Resistance?

by Joe Courter

In the Editors’ Picks on this page there is a listing for a talk given in Chicago  and hosted by Haymarket Books. It features Michelle Alexander and Naomi Klein, two leading thinkers and analysts of our time. It is about 90 minutes and well worth it.

In her opening remarks Alexander questions the concept of Resistance as applied to the opposition to the Trump presidency. She says she appreciates how the term came into use, but then she turns it around.

Trump and his administration are really a reaction,  a resistance to the progress that has been breaking out in recent decades. Resistance to Womens Rights, to LGBT rights, to Unions and the Fight for $15, to Black Lives Matters, to Immigration Rights, to Civil Liberties, to Single Payer Healthcare, even to Science itself.

Society is moving forward, THEY are the resistance trying to stifle progress, even take us backwards. So while we Resist, know we are up against more than Trump,

We are against a fear of change and a desperate clinging to power and control. We need to keep moving forward. D

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