Gainesville’s Food Not Bombs chapter is back

by Clara Ortega

Food Not Bombs is an international volunteer organization dedicated to challenging excessive waste and ensuring food for all people. We reclaim food that would otherwise be discarded to provide free meals in public spaces. We choose to share vegan or vegetarian food because it contributes less to pollution, water usage, and the creation of greenhouse gases.

Food Not Bombs works to change systems that perpetuate hunger by sharing literature and engaging with the most marginalized members of our community.

The Gainesville Food not Bombs chapter has recently resurfaced to once again work with our community. Everyone in Gainesville could be fed by the amount of food thrown out each day by local establishments, so we try to make sure as much of that food as possible is put to use. We are a non-hierarchical organization that decide everything by consensus.

Our meals are currently potluck style with people picking up food from different locations. We coordinate to bring diverse food options and literature. Once we have the chance to grow our organization, we hope to cook meals together.

There are many ways you can help. You can educate yourself on the  inequality caused by global capitalism, the effects of animal agriculture on the environment, military spending, and homelessness (especially in Gainesville). Food Not Bombs chapters across the world have written about these topics, an online search of Food Not Bombs will bring up information about these issues. The Civic Media Center is also a great local education resource.

You can contact us at if you see food being thrown out unnecessarily or if you think of something new we can do to help make Gainesville a better place to live. Anyone is welcome at our meals on Sundays at 4 p.m. in the Haisley Lynch Dog Park. You could bring food or just come to eat and talk with us. Our food is for all, and we would love to meet you!

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