Dion Dia Records and Casey Jones II

by Laila Fakhoury, Dion Dia Records

First and foremost, Dion Dia is a brand. 

Our brand takes inspiration from certain aspects of street culture from around the world and utilizes those elements to promote the betterment of communities, the formation of human relationships, and the elevation of unheard voices. We uplift creators by releasing music, curating events, showcasing artwork, and creating products. 

Secondly, we are a minority-owned, full-service independent record label that seeks change in the music industry and in what it means to be a record label. From our conception we have always maintained a community focus. 

Alongside our lineup of silent discos and live music events, we began hosting a series of events called “Disco for Good” that profit share with community organizations and nonprofits. 

We are currently developing programs centered around recording patients in the hospitals and incarcerated people in the prisons. Through our practices, we will create a record label with a heart and soul; A label that will transcend the boundaries and roles of a traditional label and grow into something bigger.

Currently we represent a lyrical hip hop artist named Casey Jones II. Casey is a Gainesville native, Eastside High School graduate, and current student at Santa Fe College. On Friday, Juneteenth, Casey released his first single, titled “Can I Live.” In this powerful debut, Casey chose to provide a narrative on the struggles of Black Americans by asking a simple rhetorical question … Can I Live? 

You can listen to Can I Live by Casey Jones II on all digital streaming platforms, such as SoundCloud, Spotify, and Apple Music. 

Follow Dion Dia on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with new music, videos, events, and community projects. Feel free to reach out to the label with any questions, we are eager to keep open communication with our community. 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/diondiarecs/ (Dion Dia Records)

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