Music. Story. Voice. Community.

Baer and the Lady Explores… a monthly series taking place at different local hangouts this fall. Curious minds of all kinds welcome. Join us for an integrative exploration of community topics through music and voice. A relaxing atmosphere to explore, ask questions, and hear stories from our community leaders. Musical hosts, Baer and the Lady.

Where does cultural change really happen? Behind magical doors at the Pentagon? 37 floors up in a corporate office? Or…does it happen in our average day-to-day life, in bars, small towns, living rooms, at work? How do meaningful conversations even start, nonetheless NOT end in hurt feelings? We don’t know the answers to these questions, but we are curious. 

We’ve spent a fair amount of our young lives feeling powerless. We thought the dysfunctional government didn’t have an impact on us, and then, it did. Directly. We lost our jobs, gained the right to marry, and we were forced to move to a safer place. Now, whenever we see the news, there is a real person behind that story. We might even know them. And, this sparked a curiosity in us about many issues.

We turned to the internet of course, becoming interested in the topics of our times. But, watching videos and reading the news has left many questions still unanswered for us. We want to know what is going on in OUR community, Gainesville, and if there are others asking the same questions? 

When we started Baer and the Lady, we didn’t have a distinct vision for the project. We were simply trying to play our music, heal from past traumas, and try not to freak out in public. Some gigs later we have learned to see the power in music. The power to heal, bring people together, start conversation, and empower those through times of action. It is universal. It is a reflection of our culture. 

In the past, we have run a non-profit for grieving college students to heal in group settings. We have explored the history and effects of our Polynesian roots on the ground. And we have worked within the LGBTQ+ community to bridge gaps and make changes within our own circle. 

So, this fall, we aim to try a new experiment. Blending music, art, voice, story, spirituality, and science into one night. We will be hosting a spectrum of community leaders with stories that NEED to be heard. Artists. Local businesses that act as community centers. We aim to create a welcoming and affirming space for all kinds of explorers alike.

Join us. There is no better time.

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