House Of Waking Life to open

by Brooke Danielle Rosen

The House Of Waking Life (HOWL) is a center for lucidity, wellbeing and creative exploration in a 111-year-old house downtown at 109 SE 4th Ave.

The house previously operated as Aurora Healing Arts for several years, home to Ecstatic Dance and a place of refuge, learning and community. 

The HOWL, aiming to open in October, is the manifestation of a lifelong dream cultivated by Brooke Danielle Rosen and is being realized with the help of Caleb von Radugge, along with other friends and family. 

It will offer classes and groups such as live figure drawing, writing, qigong, movement, yoga, and meditation, as well workshops, monthly events and one-on-one sessions in massage and other healing work. 

Ecstatic Dance will continue on Sunday evenings, shared bi-monthly with Flow Space. 

The center will also house a small beverage cafe and shop with local products, an open garden, meditation labyrinth, art gallery, and outdoor stage. 

The intention is to serve as an oasis and an access way for balance, self-exploration, liberation and connection. 

To stay tuned as the project evolves, go to; schedule offerings and information will be available online in mid-September. There are surprises in these walls … this house is magick, after all. 

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