You must be a D to vote for Bernie!

by Joe Courter

Florida is a closed primary state, which means only people of a given party can vote in the primary election for that party.  

To vote in the Democratic primary March 17, you must be registered as a Democrat by February 18. If you are registered otherwise, or NOT registered at all, you need to change your registration by February 18.

When Bernie came to UF in Spring of 2016, friends who were collecting signatures ran into a lot of Bernie Sanders supporters who were not registered as a Democrat: they were Independents, Greens, whatever … or not even registered.  They had no idea they wouldn’t be able to vote in the upcoming Primary of 2016. Don’t let that be you this year!

Elsewhere you will find an informative ad from the Supervisor of Elections that will give you most everything you need to know. And remember, if you think your one vote won’t matter, there is an easy solution; multiply your vote by helping to get out the vote. Talk to friends and make sure they are registered Democrat. (If they want to switch back to whatever they can afterwards) Make sure they vote. Work with a campaign to phone bank, knock on doors, stuff envelopes, whatever.  Hold a sign on election day.  

All city of Gainesville residents will have City commission races on their ballots as well, more details on that in the March Iguana. There will be a city-wide voting for the at large race, and races for Districts 2 (NW) and 3 (SW) Commission seats.

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